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What My Family Replaced Holiday Cards With

The holiday season is here and each year it sneaks up on me faster and faster. Halloween wasn’t over yet and I was already hearing Christmas music, seeing holiday decor and festive clothing in many of the stores.

One thing I dislike about the holidays is they often seem so rushed. This can stress people out, which doesn’t make for much holiday fun. I noticed with all the time spent planning, purchasing, wrapping and celebrating that sometimes giving can get lost in the holiday craziness.

After talking with a friend a few years ago about holiday cards, I decided to do something to not only reclaim some of my time during the holidays, but also focus on giving. We stopped sending out our annual photo holiday cards (sorry everyone) and replaced them with something else.

The busy holiday season is here and I not only want to reclaim some of my time, but also focus on giving. We stopped sending out our annual photo Christmas cards, so find out what my family replaced holiday cards with...

Want to know what my family replaced holiday cards with?

More giving, let me explain.

Instead of the time and money I would normally spend creating and sending family photo Christmas cards, each year we choose a new charity to donate that money to.

Why did we replace our holiday cards?

After a few years of doing this under our belt I must say it’s been a great way to get the whole family involved in giving, especially during the holiday season. Selfishly this means I no longer have to stress over figuring out which Instagram worthy photo to use in creating our holiday cards. Plus I don’t have to worry about them getting mailed out in time.

Friends, please don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE and look forward to receiving each and every one of your holiday cards that are sent to our home, so please don’t stop. Here are even some tips on how to display holiday cards.


What I personally do not love is the idea that after the holiday season is over, the cards that many of my family and friends worked hard to create, selected the perfect picture for and spent money on, either have to get stored away or eventually discarded.

Please know that my family and I love and appreciate each and every one of your families being a part of our life.  Thanks to the digital age I am able to “share” my family fairly often.

I even have some Christmas photos tips and a checklist to share with you courtesy of my friend LaShawn.


Tell me, are you interested in replacing your holiday cards too?

If you find yourself wanting to join my family in skipping out on sending holiday cards and need some assistance in locating charities to donate to, click here for a great online resource. Here are also some great ideas on 50 ways for kids to give back.


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from my family to yours.





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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.