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The Truth About Tieks


The truth about Tieks is…Tieks are fabulous!

This should be no secret to anyone who knows me or has read my Fall Fashion Crushes post, but the truth about Tieks is they are by far my most favorite shoes. People often comment on my Tieks when they see me wearing them and the first question I am usually asked is if they are really worth buying. To that question I give a huge YES!

Tieks are foldable, fashionable flats with a signature blue sole for support. They almost seem to form to your feet, since they never pinch the back of your ankles or toes, like countless other flats that I have tried to wear throughout the years.

Now don’t get me wrong, as a shoe obsessed person I love my heels (especially since I am only 5’2″), but I have always had a soft spot for the perfect pair of flats.

I love the versatility, comfort and ease of flats. I can (and do) wear flats with almost everything in my wardrobe including dresses, leggings, jeans and more. With Tieks my feet feel comfortable and I can feel stylish everywhere that I go, from the baseball field to Disney World.

The Truth About Tieks

Tieking in Disney World


The Truth About Tieks

Tieking at the baseball field

The Truth About Tieks

Tieking at a bonfire

From the moment I received my very first pair of Tieks (I have since built up a collection) I became a Tieks fan for life thanks to their creative packaging and a handwritten, personalized note. – I mean what company in this day and age sends a handwritten note to each and every customer? 

Tieks offers free shipping and returns on all purchases from their site. I was very impressed when I ordered my first pair and they didn’t fit. I called Tieks customer service and they immediately shipped out another pair (at no cost) in the next size up so that I could compare both pairs. Once I decided that it was best to size up instead of down (I wear a 5 1/2 size shoe), I shipped back one of the pairs (again at no cost). Nothing like getting excellent customer service from a company who stands by their product.

The Truth About Tieks

Pretty Tieks Box

Another thing that had me instantly hooked on Tieks was just how many things fit into one little Tieks box. All of the items that you see in the picture below come inside each and every little blue Tieks box.

So along with your Tieks you will receive:

  1. large blue bag – which you can use to store your other shoes before you switch into your comfy Tieks
  2. personalized, handwritten note – if you look close enough you can see my name on the note
  3. small black drawstring pouch – you can fold your Tieks up and carry them with you wherever you want
The Truth About Tieks

What all comes inside of a Tieks box

Head on over to the Tieks website and check out the many styles and colors that they have to offer. The categories are Prints, Classics, Patents and Vegan Collection.

I currently own 4 pairs of Tieks – metallic pewter, ballerina pink, ruby red patent and leopard (my favorite pair) and am always looking to add a new colorful pair to my Tieks collection.

Comment below and let me know if you are a Tieks lover like me, or if you haven’t tried them yet what color would you choose for your first pair?



Fall Fashion Crushes


The first days of fall are here and as much as I am obsessed with the summer, I have to admit that my favorite fashions are all centered around the fall. I would like to share my current fall fashion crushes with you.

My daily fall uniform looks something like this: jeans (usually distressed as they are in abundance within my closet), a pair of tall boots or ankle boots (especially a suede pair with fringe!), either a plain or graphic tee with an open cardigan or a plaid button down shirt or maybe just a sweater. – You will rarely see me in the fall and winter months without some sort of scarf to complete my outfits, since scarves are my accessory of choice (Anthropologie has some fabulous scarves on sale right now.) Fall weather fashions

Some of the fashions that I am crushing over right now for fall are:

  1. fringe (boots, purses, vests, jewelry, wherever) – I love the Sam Edelman “Louie” Boots that have fringe down the side. I am also completely in love with the Stella & Dot Freya Fringe necklace that I recently purchased. It can be styled and worn in so many different ways.Freya Fringe
2. monochromatic outfits in all blue or gray with a camel colored piece to make the outfit pop!
3. Plaid shirts – There are so many beautiful color options from American Eagle that I’m tempted to buy them all! I also a big fan of the Sava Swing Top and the Pleated Peplum Buttondown that I recently purchased from Anthropologie. Anthropologie tops
4. High/low tops – These are so perfect for wearing with my super skinny jeans because of the longer back. I think you will be seeing me in the Free People Ventura High/Low Thermal Top a lot this fall and winter
5. A pair (or two, or three or four if you are like me!) of fabulous flats.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my heels as much as Carrie Bradshaw does, but there is just something amazing about finding a comfortable, supportive and fashionable pair of flats that just can’t be beat. My go to brand is Tieks, and I am really loving the color that they just released, Taupe. My go to pair are my leopard Tieks. They are fun and in my opinion leopard print will always go with everything! Leopard Tieks
Let me know what some of your favorite fall fashions are and places that you like to shop for them!

Frames in a Posh Room Orignaux Moose via Compfight

Mix prints because its fashionable fun!

Mixing prints in the fashion department, is it a do or a don’t? I say GO FOR IT, because mixing your prints can lead to fashionable fun!

Fashion can be exciting yet overwhelming at the same time.

Are there rules? If so, what are the rules to “nailing it” in the fashion department?

My number one personal fashion rule has always been to NOT dress according to trends, but dress in what makes you feel most confident and comfortable. My second most favorite fashion tip is to mix your prints. You do not always have to be matchy matchy (yes I used those words), instead be unique and set your own fashion trends.

I love mixing polka dots and stripes, various bright colors and plaids, floral prints with leopard print and so much more.

Just yesterday I wore a fashion print mashup of stripes, polka dots and leopard prints. It felt creative and fun! Mix Prints for Fashionable Fun

Mix Prints for Fashionable Fun


Even if you think that you might be fashion challenged, start by taking a shopping trip right in your very own closet and pull out all of your printed clothing and just starting mixing them up. You will quickly find that you can create some interesting outfit combinations, and it might actually be fun!

I was getting ready for work the other day and knew that I wanted to wear this new plaid button down shirt, but it was chilly and the shirt is sleeveless, so I checked out my blazer selection and threw on my favorite polka dot one for a cool, creative print mix. Mix Prints for Fashionable Fun

One of my favorite places to shop for some fun fashion finds is Modcloth. They are a unique online store that offers new clothing, shoes and accessory finds daily.

*Warning* please don’t blame me if this site becomes your newest obsession once you check it out!

What are some of your favorite prints to mix and match?  Do you think that print mixing is a do or a don’t? Let me know in the comments below.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.