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Don’t Forget To Love Before You’re Gone

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Don’t forget to love before you’re gone. These are words that have been emblazoned in my mind ever since I first heard Kings of Leon’s song “The Immortals” back in 2011. This song is a favorite of mine as I strive to live my life according to its main message.

Essentially the theme of The Immortals is to go out and be who it is you wanna be and at the end of the day, before you’ve gone, make sure you’ve loved. 

Don't Forget To Love Before You're Gone

Recently I was packing for a soulful road trip, courtesy of Kia, when I learned that a horrific and devastating event had taken place in Las Vegas. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath while watching the news until I saw the words I was praying to see, “I’m safe“, come across my phone.  

The text was from my cousin who was in Las Vegas attending the Route 91 Harvest festival. She was in the midst of the tragedy and we are all fortunate she is alive. Hearing about her experience made me want to listen to The Immortals on repeat, as I craved my favorite lyrics, “don’t forget to love before you’re gone“, more than ever before. 

At first I wasn’t sure if our turbocharged art and soul themed trip would be postponed or possibly even canceled, since part of the trip included a drive and stay in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel, but I should have known better. 

I should have known, as did one of my #KiaSoulRoadies, Shelley from A Magical Mess, that the strength, beauty, and spirit of the people of Vegas would shine brightly as they stood together to rebuild their hearts.

I should have known just how much heart, soul and resiliency the people of Vegas have.

I should have known that the time spent taking a road trip from LA to Vegas with Nicole from The Jet Set Family, would allow for personal reflection, unique experiences, bucket list items to be crossed off, bonds forged, shared laughs as well as some cries and memories to be made, all within the comfortable and safe confines of an orange Kia Soul Turbo. 

Don't Forget To Love Before You're Gone

I should have known how incredible an experience it would be for the #KiaSoulRoadies to watch my friend Jeff from Out With The Kids favorite band Dawes perform, followed by an unforgettable Kings of Leon concert at The Joint. 

I made a mental note to make sure my rock star Kia Family members listened intently when the song The Immortals came on as I wanted them to feel the lyrics, “Don’t forget to love before you’re gone” deep in their soul. 

The Soul of A Family 

Thankfully our art and soul trip continued on as planned, and before I knew it I had flown across the country and landed in beautiful Los Angeles, California. I headed out of LAX’s airport and was promptly picked up by a driver in a beautiful cherry red Kia Soul Turbo.

During the drive I took a rare moment to relax in the Soul’s spacious and comfortable backseat. The panoramic sunroof allowed me to bask in the bright California sun.

Once I arrived at the The London West Hollywood, I waited for the rest of the Kia Family so we could enjoy dinner together. We walked over to a lovely restaurant called Eveleigh where we enjoyed a variety of delicious foods, while swapping stories, trying to decipher what exactly was in Whit from Family Life on Earth’s cocktail, laughing together somewhat immaturely at interesting paintings on the wall and scoping out celebs. The highlight of this soulful evening came when we were each gifted with an awesome “crew” tee shirt, complete with our twitter handles on the back,  thanks to a creative idea by Jessi from Shuggilippo.  

Some Art, Music and Soul 

The next morning I took my time waking up in the luxurious suite I had at The London. I ventured out onto the balcony and soaked up the stunning sunrise over Los Angeles. The sunrise was such a brilliant shade of orange, which reminded me of one of the Kia Soul vehicles that were parked out front of the hotel.  

Don't Forget To Love Before You're Gone

Don't Forget To Love Before You're Gone

As I got myself ready to head down to breakfast I realized that my throat felt a little weird. I shrugged it off as we had a packed itinerary and an exciting day ahead. 

I instantly perked up and forgot about the pain in my throat as we exited The London and were met with a colorful lineup of Kia Souls.

Shelley, Kas, Eden and I hopped in the car and headed off to The Broad. We put the Harman Kardon audio system to the ultimate test as we blasted a variety of music that we all sang along to.

Don't Forget To Love Before You're Gone

The Kia Family met up at the Broad, which is a contemporary art museum right in downtown LA. I couldn’t help but marvel at how the outside of the building was also a work of art, as we stood outside waiting for the tour guide. 

Don't Forget To Love Before You're Gone

Not long after the tour started, but at least long enough for me to capture what I call a Ferris Bueller art museum moment, did I start to feel hot, cold then very sick. Unfortunately I was not able to make it through the rest of the museum. I also had to miss out later that evening on the soulful Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles sold out show at the iconic Troubadour

Don't Forget To Love Before You're Gone

Don't Forget To Love Before You're Gone


I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends and a Lot of Soul 

The next morning the Kia Family left LA for a soulful road trip to Vegas.

As it turned out I had come down with a severe case of strep throat.

Thankfully my friend Nicole stepped up and offered to drive the whole way so I could rest.

The Kia Soul’s 8 way power adjustable passenger seat allowed me to easily personalize the seating position for maximum comfort so I could really relax during the long drive. 

Don't Forget To Love Before You're Gone

Nicole woke me up hours later and I realized we had stopped. When I looked around I saw desert and what appeared to be stacks of beautiful, colorful rocks. I couldn’t believe it. Nicole knew how much I wanted to see the Seven Magic Mountains and she made it happen! 

The bold orange exterior of the Kia Soul and those creative seven towers of colorful, stacked boulders, were simply meant to meet one another.

Despite still not feeling well, at that moment in time my soul was happy. 

Don't Forget To Love Before You're GoneDon't Forget To Love Before You're Gone

Don't Forget To Love Before You're Gone

The bright lights of the Hard Rock Hotel reflected off of the shiny Kia Soul exterior as Nicole pulled it into the parking garage.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the Dawes and Kings of Leon concert that night with the rest of my Kia Family, but I listened to their albums all evening long.

When the song The Immortals came on, its words resonated deep within my soul. 

The windows are
The perfect picture
They’re always changin’
Go on get lost
Jump in the waters
When they are raging
I said

Spill out on the streets of stars
And ride away
Find out what you are
Face to face
Once you’ve had enough
Carry on
Don’t forget to love
Before you’re gone.”

* The #KiaSoulRoadies experience, complete with travel, hotel stays, meals and more was generously  covered by Kia. All opinions expressed with this post are my honest and genuine thoughts.  





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Friday 8th of December 2017

It really was a wonderful trip (says someone that didn't get sick). I'm thinking about going back to that restaurant just for the twig drink!


Friday 8th of December 2017

So sorry you got sick, but so glad you had fun anyway!! ❤


Saturday 9th of December 2017

Thank you friend!


Friday 8th of December 2017

Rosemary! It was rosemary!!! ??

This is a beautiful retelling of the experience. You were greatly missed on the second half of the journey but your perspective here is heartwarming--exactly what this trip was all about. I'm so glad we were able to spend some time together and look forward to many more adventures! ❤