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Disney Cruise Youth Clubs Friendship Rocks

Hi Friends!

Last week my family and I went on our second Disney Cruise family vacation. The first time we ever cruised we went on the very large and beautiful Disney Dream,

Disney Dream from Castaway Cay

Disney Dream from Castaway Cay

but this time around we went on the smaller, but just as impressive and magical Disney Wonder 

Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder from Cozumel

When we discussed where to go for our first family vacation of 2015, it was no surprise to me that we all chose another Disney Cruise, but my kids said that the Youth Clubs were one of the top things on the cruise ship that they were really excited to get back to. – My husband and I were happy that they said that because while the kids are enjoying the Youth Clubs, we get to enjoy the adult only areas of the ship!

My daughter was three years old at the time that we went on the Disney Dream last year and she was obsessed with the Oceaneer Club, especially Andy from Toy Story’s room. Toy Story Room In The Oceaneer Club Joe Shlabotnik via Comp fight

The Disney Cruise Youth Clubs are broken up perfectly (in my opinion) on each of the ships. There is a nursery for kids under 3; the Oceaneer Club and Lab for kids 3-10; Edge is an exclusive place for tweens 11-14; and Vibe is an exclusive space for teens 14-17. Each and every one of these spaces provides a full schedule of entertainment, interactive programs and age appropriate activities that are designed to keep your child having fun each and every day of your Disney cruise vacation, as well as to keep them wanting to come back to enjoy again and again (as my kids did)!

Disney Cruise Friendship Rocks with Jake and Sofia

Disney Cruise Friendship Rocks with Jake and Sofia

I really love and appreciate just how much the Disney cast members at the Youth Clubs take the time to get to know each kid and interact with them on a personal level. Every evening my kids would come back to our stateroom to find a personal, handwritten card for each of them from a particular Youth Club cast member discussing something special about their day and the next day aheads events. How special is that?!

This past cruise my 4 year old daughter got to experience something really cool and super exciting, thanks to her being a part of the Disney Youth Club – she got the opportunity to go on the Walt Disney Theater stage on the Disney Wonder and dance with Mickey and Minnie, as well as with some of the  many friends that she met during the week on our cruise.

Fun with Friends on the Disney Wonder

Friendship Rocks on the Disney Wonder

The theme for their dance was “Friendship Rocks“! Check out a video clip from their dance party (my daughter was front and center right behind Mickey and Minnie).


This vacation proved to me that no matter who you are, what age you are, or where you might be in the world, there is always time and room in your life to make friends, because friendship really does ROCK!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.