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4 Back To School Tips For Teens To Be Successful

This post is sponsored by Mirum, but all opinions expressed are my own.

I’m not sure about you, but I definitely feel like summer break just started. Unfortunately it’s getting ready to be over and some kids have even started school already. One thing I know is we all can use as many back to school tips and tricks as possible. This year my kids are headed into 5th and 11th grade and I want them to be prepared in every way.

As the parent of a teenager, there are some different things I did this year to help my son get ready for school. I am going to share pieces of my most recent Momversation, along with 4 back to school tips for teens to be successful. 

How can I do well in school tips?

When it comes to giving your teen tips on how they can do well in school, it’s not all about studying and getting good grades. Having constant open lines of communication with teens, as well as Momversations, is the best way to set the foundation for a positive back to school experience.

The back to school Momversation I had with my son focused on being your best self, surrounding yourself with good friends and working hard to achieve your goals. 

Teach your teen to plan ahead, not procrastinate, have confidence in themselves and ways to manage their workload for a less stressful school year for everyone. 

4 Back To School Tips For Teens

1. Clean up

This might sound like a tip that is better for younger kids, but hear me out. My teen’s bedroom, school bag and gym bag tend to all be messy and unorganized most days, but not this year. You want to make sure you are a promoting a clutter free space so teens can focus more.

Recently I helped my son get his closet, books and toiletries all organized, so we could create a distraction free zone in his bedroom. 

We went to CVS where I let him pick out some of his favorite AXE products (which were on sale) and created a designated space in the bathroom for his toiletries. Doing this can help your teen shower and get ready faster on early school mornings, while giving them the confidence they need thanks to feeling fresh and clean. 

AXE body products CVS

Here’s what he got: 

  • AXE Apollo Body Wash For Men – Designed to leave you feeling refreshed and smelling good. When it comes to teen boys, believe me, you will welcome the words fresh and clean. 
  • Axe Phoenix 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner – This 2 in 1 formula provides an easy shampoo plus conditioner experience. The fresh scent and invigorating feel is the perfect start to the school day. 
  • AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade – My teenage son and his friends are currently all about their hair styles. This pomade makes it is easy for them to get medium hold along with a finishing shine.
  • AXE Phoenix Deodorant Stick – This deodorant goes on smoothly and provides all day freshness and odor protection. The best part is that it provides 24-hour protection. Stock up on these and have your teen stash them in their gym bag, school bag, locker and bathroom.
  • AXE Apollo Deodorant Wipes 25 ct. – This is my favorite product, especially for teen boys. These deodorant wipes help wipe away odor for a refreshed feeling anytime, anywhere. I stashed some in the back of my son’s school bag. Then he can quickly and easily combat body odor during the school day.  

AXE body products

2. Plan to succeed 

One of the best back to school tips for teens is to make sure they plan to succeed. That means that by not waiting until the last minute, when it comes to tests, projects, the next school day and even after school activities, teens can take the time they need to properly prepare.

Encourage teens to use a planner so they can see their schedule. This will help them actually stay on track with assignments.

Back to school tips for teens countdown

3. Take a tour 

Even if your teen is already in high school, but just moving up a grade, take a tour (or a virtual tour) before the school year starts. After my son gets his new schedule we always visit the school and walk through his class schedule together.

Confidence is a big theme throughout Momversations, and for your teen to already know where their classes are located could help them feel more comfortable when heading back to school.

Mother giving son back to school tips for teens.

4. Come prepared

This doesn’t just mean to come prepared at school with the right writing utensils or supplies. More importantly you should encourage your teen to get enough sleep each school night and also healthy eating habits.

During your Momversation talk with your teen about how a positive mindset and a well rested plus healthy body can help them come prepared for the demands of high school along with the emotions of teenage life each day. 

Teenage boy going back to high school

Prepare for your Momversation with these back to school tips and by stocking up on AXE products during this awesome sale at CVS:

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