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10 Amazing Back To School Hacks You Need to Try

Although I love routine, getting back into a schedule post summer break can be tough on everyone, especially without some amazing back to school hacks.

Back to school can sometimes be one of the more stressful times of the year as a parent. While my kids (they are going into 4th and 10th grade) are old enough to be able to get themselves mostly ready for school, that doesn’t change how crazy things can be, especially in the mornings!

Back to school hacks can be lifesavers and I have 10 of them to share to help make your life easier and hopefully a little more stress free as a parent of kids in school.

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10 Amazing Back to School Hacks (for Parents)

1. Make breakfast ahead of time.

Make a few easy grab and go breakfast options for the whole family. Simple, easy yet delicious foods like egg cups, overnight oatmeal, yogurt parfaits, pancakes (which you can make at the beginning of the week and freeze) are especially perfect for kids who like to sleep in, or when you have way too much going in the morning.

Preparing breakfast foods ahead of time can save you time and your sanity on those busy back to school mornings. 

2. Create a drop zone and homework area

You know all of those never ending forms and what seems like a zillion papers kids bring home from school? A drop zone, which is a place where kids can leave information organized by what needs to be kept and what needs to be signed then returned, helps so papers no longer get lost.

Keep school stuff contained, so it’s not left all over your home. 

Let your kids pick a certain spot in the house as their homework area so they can focus and get their work done. Make sure  all the tools and resources they need are within arms reach so they can concentrate instead of having to get up and be distracted.  

3. Have a family command center

A family command center is a central place in your home where everyone can know what’s going on.

Simply put up a calendar or even a fun chalkboard wall where you can write in all your family’s activities, school projects, appointments, meal plans, and even leave motivational plus encouraging messages for each other.

4. Delegate tasks to your kids

If you have school aged children, they are definitely capable enough to handle some of the household tasks. Prepare a lunchbox packing area where even younger kids can pack their own lunches.

At the beginning of each week I cut up and portion out a variety of fruits and veggies into these containers for my kids to easily grab and pack. 

Delegate certain chores and tasks around the house to your kids to make mornings before school a lot more manageable.

5. Get up before your kids

This is one of the back to school hacks I really try to adhere to because it actually gives me a chance to get ready for the day, with a lot less chaos.

Take this time to enjoy your coffee quietly, read a book, write in a journal, shower in peace, exercise, or do whatever you can to fit in a little self-care before helping the kids get ready and off to school.

6. Have kids prepare for school the night before.

Don’t let your kids wait until the morning, when they might be rushing out the door for school, to try and prepare.

Encourage them to prepare for school each night before by getting things signed, homework completed, backpack ready, and even their clothes picked out. This way once kids are ready for school they can grab what they need and leave.

10 amazing back to school hacks

7. Create “office hours” for your kids

Homework doesn’t just take up a lot of your kid’s time, but it can also take up your time too. Set homework “office hours” for kids to ask questions and get your undivided attention. 

If you need to check over homework or look at an upcoming school event, have office hours where your kids can bring you all of these materials to look at.

8. Shop for back to school supplies early.

Don’t wait to start back to school shopping. Instead, start right now to prepare yourself for a successful and less stressful year by buying at least the basics when it comes to supplies and clothing

Target’s school list assist is a parent’s back to school supply shopping best friend. They find your school’s class list and even help you shop it all quickly. If the list isn’t ready yet they will even notify you once it is. 

9. Start a carpool with other parents

If your kids don’t ride the bus, consider starting a carpool with other parents. This is a helpful hack so you don’t have to drive your kids every single day.

That means you can hopefully  get more done around the house or fit some work in during this kid-free time.

10. Prep meals for busy weeknights

Prepare meals ahead of time instead of trying to do it all on busy school nights. On the nights you make dinner, double it so you can freeze one for later. By the time school starts, you could have a freezer full of delicious ready to go meals for those busy school nights.

Also, utilize easier ways of getting your grocery shopping done like Instacart, Peapod and Prime Pantry (which has free shipping). 

The Best Thing About These Back to School Hacks

No matter what grade your kids are in, these tips will come in handy.

They can really help make the school year more successful since your kids and whole family will be better prepared each day. 

Here are some other great parenting tips to help you through this school year:

I love connecting with other parents, so please leave a comment and let me know what grade your kids are going into this school year. 


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It´s Really Kita (@itsreallykita)

Friday 2nd of August 2019

Now I don't get up before my kids because I gotta get in my sleep but I do try to make them get most of their things ready the night before. Including lunch. I need to do better with make ahead breakfast.


Monday 5th of August 2019

I am going to try to do much better with preparing ahead of time this year too.

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