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5 Secrets To Teach A Teenager How To Shower Faster

Can we please talk for a moment about something serious? Something that is a constant struggle in our household, ever since my son became a teenager a few years ago. Yes, you read that correctly, there is a teenager currently living in my house. I love him dearly and he may not be particularly happy I am sharing this, but I can’t take much more when it comes to teen shower habits, which is why I am sharing this 5 secrets to teach a teenager how to shower faster

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How can I speed up my shower time?

Now don’t get me wrong there are many things that my son does right, but there is definitely something he does WRONG that I need to address, because parenting teens is definitely an interesting time. 

The teenager shower time takes way too long, especially now that we are all on vacation at home, which is what prompted me to write this post. 

I am going to rant here for a moment, but I find it so frustrating that a teenage boy can spend sometimes more than 25 minutes in the shower, get out and then I discover that he may not have even washed his hair.

Now I know I am not completely innocent as I generally take longer showers, but as I have explained to my son many times I have to wash my hair more carefully plus body parts to shave.

Normally he prefers to shower in the morning before school with his background music being me yelling outside of the bathroom door for him to hurry up, but not anymore.

Do you have this problem in your home? Do your teens showers seem excessive when it comes to how long they are?

If so I have some simple hacks for helping speed up shower times. 

shower stall

5 Secrets To Teach A Teenager How To Shower Faster

1. Digital alarm clock 

Install a digital alarm clock in the bathroom. I love this simple yet effective water proof suction cup style alarm clock.

No more yelling and arguing in the morning at your teen, instead set a bathroom alarm and let them know that when it goes off, so does the shower.

2. Shower caddy

Get your teen a shower caddy (it’s never too early to prepare for those college days), or a travel essentials bag like the one I always keep fully stocked for our next trip, and fill it with their favorite toiletries.

Then your teen can’t claim they had to waste time searching for something while in the shower, because it will all be organized. 

Give your teen a boost of confidence by giving them the tools to feeling fresh and smelling good. 

3. Have Momversations with your teen 

Always keep the lines of communication open and talk with your teen often (like these Momversations I have with my son) about the importance of good hygiene. 

In order to look and smell fresh and clean, teens don’t have to stay in the shower for a lengthy amount of time.

They should learn how to take an efficient shower by being sure to concentrate on washing under their arms and private areas first (where sweat loves most to hang out at) and then move on to scrubbing up all other body parts. 

These Momversations really come in handy when you are preparing for the dating stage

4. Purchase multi-tasking products

I am a huge fan of multi-tasking products because they can be such time savers.

Since I am the grooming coordinator in my home I started buying my son the Dove Men + Care line.

They offer fresh scented, dual purpose products like Body + Face Wash and Shampoo + Conditioner, which should making the teen in shower situation move a whole lot faster (key word here being should). 

Dove Men+Care Products part of 5 secrets to teach a teenager how to shower faster

5. Tough love

When all else fails and the showers still haven’t gotten any faster and you find yourself losing your voice due to yelling hurry up over and over again outside the bathroom door, then it is time for a little tough love.

Turn the the temperature down, let the cold water flow and watch your teen shower the fastest you have ever seen them shower in your life!

Next time you have teenagers showering they certainly won’t forget about that icy water shock!

secrets to teach a teenager how to shower faster

Does your teen, you, or someone else in your home tend to take long showers?

Share these 5 secrets to teach a teenager how to shower faster to help save water, time and stress, especially in the morning, for more effective plus productive days. 




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Friday 12th of May 2023

I started making him shower before dinner. He doesn’t get to eat until he’s showered. If I can’t smell shampoo or soap on him he has to go back. He showers faster because he wants to eat.

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Friday 26th of November 2021

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Wednesday 24th of November 2021

Oh my god, thank you so much for this tips! Will put this into practice today when we get home, I have a 10 yo girl and a 3 yo boy, we still bath him so he's off the hook until a couple of years, thanks again!


Friday 26th of November 2021

I am so glad you enjoyed the tips. They definitely still come in handy even now that my son is 17.


Monday 31st of May 2021

My dad has a great device called the SHOWERWIZARD, this can be found at Its a shower timer thats easy to install and gives warning before shut off!


Friday 4th of June 2021

Ohhh! Thanks for letting me know about this.

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